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Suitable for home use!
The "all you need" fitness equipment
Suitable for home use!
The "all you need" fitness equipment
We’ve got you up there. Now, let’s get you back down.
The soft and fun AirTrack Set for toddlers
An inflatable and lightweight podium.
This AirBoard evolution will give your training the boost you need!
Revolutionary set-up time and easily transported!
AirFloor Home XL
Suitable for home use!
The original gymnastics floor for training at home, now even longer!
AirTrack Spark
Suitable for home use!
New ! The AirTrack Spark. The biggest home equipment!
Holds an AirRoll in place for comfortable training. Fits all AirRoll sizes.
The AirTrack Take Off set is a combination of the new AirRoll Take Of and an 8 meter AirTrack P3. This basic set can be upgraded with the AirBox Set and the AirIncline.
This inflatable ramp is a great and versatile piece of equipment to practise the basics of gymnastics!
The AirRoll is developed to help gymnasts learn front- and backflips.
The round versions of our AirFloor, AirTrack P2 and AirTrack P3.
This portable set is a combination of 3 small AirTrack P3 (0.3 m high) elements that can be used as standalone equipment or on top of an AirTrack.
The AirJump set is our most multi-purpose training equipment.
Provides a smooth transition to the mat.
AirTrack Training Set
Suitable for home use!
This set of 3 tracks and an AirRoll provides you with unlimited training variations!
Suitable for home use!
Gain confidence on the beam without risking major injuries!
Seamless connection between mats. Available for mats 10, 20 or 30 cm thick. 10 cm (P1) version comes with or without foam.
OV10 Blower inflates up to 250 mbar.
Pressure gauge that measures up to 250 mbar. Fits all our inflatable objects.
Transport your AirTrack with ease! Size 100 x 70 x 40 cm.
Suitable for home use!
More bounce!
High volume output blower for large objects, up to 90 mbar.
The foot pump is suitable for all smaller AirTrack Factory products
Suitable for home use!
The new springboard!
If you’ve been looking for a way to boost your skills faster than ever, you’ve found it!
AirFloor Home
Suitable for home use!
The original gymnastics floor for training at home! Our most popular product.
The 30 cm thick AirTrack P3 is our most versatile track.
The 20cm thick track for average - advanced athletes.
AirTrack Training Set - Home Edition
Suitable for home use!
Take your training home with the versatile Training Set Home Edition
The 10 cm thick AirFloor is our thinnest track.